The Future of Customer Communications is Here. Introducing ONEsuite 4.0.

The goal of most corporate CEOs is to build customer loyalty by increasing satisfaction levels and providing a great experience for new customers coming on board. These executives are looking for a solution that will increase engagement, find the right kind of prospective customers, grow sales, and then keep their customers happy throughout the entire lifecycle of the relationship. 

The key is to choose the right technology platform that will drive success in customer acquisition and retention. O’Neil is pleased to announce the release of its latest CCM/CX platform, called ONEsuite 4.0.  ONEsuite 4.0 includes enhanced features, including enhanced AI integration that will help clients communicate with the customer throughout their journey in ways that are deeper than ever before. 

What’s new with ONEsuite 4.0?

As the world of CCM and CX is constantly shifting, platforms like ONEsuite must evolve with technology trends and needs. The emergence of AI tools cannot be ignored, and our customers deserve comprehensive capabilities. We are excited to unwrap ONEsuite 4.0 which has been in development for the past 12 months. 4.0 enhances popular features of ONEsuite, while adding exciting new capabilities. Check out what’s different below:

Campaign Management with embedded AI algorithms  

ONEsuite 4.0 now provides our clients with complete control over the entire communication workflow.  The enhanced self-service functionality allows stakeholders to use our AI Agents to build templates automatically, with graphics and content that are unique to each audience member. Stakeholders can also manage production, proof, approve, and execute multiple communications, including voice, video, eDelivery, print, and mail. But with new AI capabilities algorithms can generate content based on customers’ past behaviors, or reduce risk factors to better manage the cost of the customer relationship. 

For example, a Healthcare Insurance company can determine if a segment of their members did not take their diabetes medication. This situation creates a higher risk to manage the member’s health. ONEsuite 4.0 will create the audience segment at risk and determine the probabilities as to why these members did not take their medication. This analysis is generated by algorithms and AI. The Healthcare Insurance Company can then create AI-generated, personalized outreaches to these at-risk members, based on the member’s communication preference, including email, text, IVR, or print channels. ONEsuite’s Analytics functionality then tracks the conversion rates and helps the Healthcare Insurance Company to reduce the cost of managing the segment of the audience at risk. 

This is just one example of the power of the O’Neil platform. There are many other use cases for the Banking Industry, Life Insurance, Wealth Management, and Retirement industries.

The leading CCM analyst firm, Aspire, called features like this “…highly disruptive” because it “connects the dots between data analytics (which tell businesses what messages to send to which customers to achieve a specific business outcome), content (longer-form generation of the message in full alignment with the objectives) and coding (the generation of the form, template or workflow steps in this particular instance).” 

Deeper data and analytics

The AI-powered analytics capabilities of ONEsuite 4.0 enable you to gain clearer insights into customer behaviors, and interactions across various touchpoints. The deep insights will provide clients to make informed decisions that will drive enhanced marketing and customer communications strategies. What separates ONEsuite 4.0 from other platforms is its ability to aggregate data sources and create new data from AI Next-Best-Action algorithms.

Improved customer retention and satisfaction

ONEsuite 4.0 new AI features will allow you to create AI-generated campaigns and customer outreach.  Our system will continue to analyze the behaviors of your audience and determine which campaigns are effective and which campaigns did not reach their targets. When you learn more about your customer and their behaviors, you will then be able to provide next-best actions that will be based on the customer’s wants and needs. These features will bond the customer to your organization and improve retention and satisfaction.   

Your future with ONEsuite 4.0

If you want to meet the objectives of customer communications, digital transformation, and increase the overall customer experience, ONEsuite 4.0 is the right solution for your entire enterprise.   

ONEsuite 4.0 also will save clients millions of dollars by eliminating or augmenting your internal technology stack that is expensive to maintain and becomes obsolete over time. ONEsuite is an all-inclusive, enterprise solution, with industry-specific, user interfaces. The entire platform is configurable to the client’s unique needs and can be deployed within a month versus an entire year or two for other platforms of this scale.

It’s time to take a deep dive into the power of ONEsuite 4.0. See for yourself how one solution can transform your company’s communication and customer experience strategy.