Breakthrough Customer Data Analytics and Intelligence Engine for CCM and CXM

Platform Improves Customer Experiences, Retention and Industry Ratings

It’s an unprecedented development in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM) space. O’Neil Digital Solutions has announced the launch of ONEscore, a data analytics and intelligence platform that enables clients to accurately study recipient behavior in real-time and properly segment their customers using 360° live personas. Through its proprietary predictive modeling and AI engine, ONEscore allows enterprises to truly get to know their customers. It delivers a comprehensive snapshot, allowing for highly personalized, relevant, and timely communications. As a result, they enhance the customer experience, translating to better customer outcomes and improved industry ratings.

Know and Understand Your Audience

As the communications landscape rapidly changes, businesses need to communicate more effectively to ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. ONEscore data analytics capabilities help clients get to know and understand their audience. This insight that enables more personalized and meaningful communications, creating a better overall experience for the customer. Within healthcare, this directly impacts a health plan’s Star Rating, which directly impacts profitability. In the insurance and financial services sectors, it impacts their net promoter score (NPS), an industry-standard for measuring customer experience.

“In a Covid-19 world where digital communication is vital, ONEscore enables companies to really get to know their audiences”, says Mark Rosson, O’Neil Executive VP Sales & Marketing. “By applying critical data insights, we empower healthcare providers to send personalized communications that result in behavioral change. This ultimately improves their Star Ratings and Net Promoter Scores,” concluded Rosson.

– Mark Rosson, Vice President Sales & Marketing, O’Neil Digital Solutions

ONEscore applies machine learning, AI, and predictive modeling to generate customer insights and next best action automation. The platform enhances experience management through journey mapping, visualization, and orchestration. This comprehensive, data-driven approach meets the need for an enterprise-wide communications platform by supporting a broad range of uses across multiple business units and stakeholders.

Advanced Campaign Management

Robust campaign management features are integrated within ONEscore. Organizations gain a comprehensive look at a range of criteria that impacts the customer journey. They can instantly create campaigns based on deep analytics and audience segmentation, serving up the right content for the right audience members at the right time. This ensures a more personal and meaningful communication and experience.

“ONEscore is a new standard in engaging your audience members more effectively to improve customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, and customer retention,” says Rosson. “Our robust customer engagement dashboard provides a 360° view of the customer journey. Our reporting dashboard tracks the results of every marketing and outreach campaign, providing organizations with a clear next step for each audience member,” he concluded.

Kaspar Roos is CEO and Founder of Aspire, a leading consulting firm specializing in Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Digital Customer Experience (DCX) industries. He states, “Aspire considers O’Neil’s data engine the single most compelling feature of its CCM offering. By giving their clients the tools and services (by O’Neil’s team of data scientists) they need to understand and enrich customer data so they can produce insights that drive behavioral change, O’Neil is shifting the business model from cost and risk reduction toward one focused on driving business growth,” Roos concluded.

For more information on the future of CCM, the rise of new SaaS platforms, and best practices among enterprises, explore Aspire’s recently published white paper, The Future of Customer Communications Management, which showcases O’Neil Digital Solutions and the ONEsuite platform.

ONEsuite Platform Integration

ONEscore can be integrated into O’Neil’s comprehensive SaaS platform, ONEsuite, which is a complete end-to-end solution for companies that want to radically transform the customer experience. It’s modular and flexible enough to integrate with a client’s in-house platform. More specifically, ONEsuite enables users to work remotely to create, manage, and deliver communications with minimum instruction as they interact with customers across channels in real-time.

From a financial perspective, ONEsuite eliminates the need to spend millions purchasing siloed software technology and integrating additional solutions in customer communications management, content services, marketing automation, digital asset management, and marketing resource management, among others.

O’Neil Digital Solutions (ODS), a division of William O’Neil Companies, has been a recognized leader in technology-driven, marketing communication services for nearly five decades. Forward-thinking, resourceful, and nimble, O’Neil Digital Solutions specializes in Customer Communication Management (CCM) and provides solutions for Customer Experience Management (CXM) for the Healthcare, Insurance, and Financial Services industries. Its innovative SAAS solution, ONEsuite, is a robust CCM/CSM platform that supports every stakeholder throughout the client’s enterprise. Its latest release, ONEscore, is a data analytics engine that enables clients to accurately study recipient behavior in real-time and properly segment their customers using 360° live personas.

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