ONEsuite: A 360° view of every healthcare member to drive engagement

ONEsuite. Our Industry-Leading Data-Driven CCM + CX Platform for Healthcare.

Data Integration, Normalization + Management

Simplification and Modernization of your Information Architecture

ONEsuite’s solution capabilities begin with the platform’s ability to support the collection, standardization and storage of data in a standard data model from a variety of sources, including core processing systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems and external third-party sources. Our data science expertise enables more efficient composition, execution of business rules that determine variable content, personalization and targeted marketing messages, analytics, and business intelligence.


Advanced Data Security Protocols

“Off the Shelf” and Custom Integrations

Data Model Management

Data Cleanup and Consolidation

Data Analytics + Business Intelligence

Understand Your Audience

Optimize your organization’s client engagement management strategy by gaining valuable insight into who your audience really is. ONEsuite’s data analytics engine creates a deeper understanding of your individual audience members by combining your data with social determinants data. The sophistication of the platform’s analytics enables the built-in machine learning solution to provide “next-best-action” to engage more effectively.


Predictive Modeling


AI + Machine Learning

Social Determinants Data

A full 360° view of each of your healthcare members

O’Neil’s ONEscore rating system allows you to create segmentations of your audience based on a scoring system with built-in “Live” Personas that will provide deep insight into who specifically your customers are, what they feel, and how they think.

Next Best Action functionality for real-time decison making

Optimize your customer communications strategy by gaining valuable insight into who your audience really is. Our data analytics engine creates a deep understanding of individual audience members, with built-in machine learning to provide “next-best-action” recommendations.

Content Creation + Delivery

Comprehensive Content Creation, Management, and Delivery Tools

ONEsuite allows users to create and manage content that is built with responsive design, allowing for seamless omni-channel documents, email and SMS communications, as well as HTML 5, PowerPoint, and interactive video. Built-in omni-channel delivery allows stakeholders to communicate personalized, variable, and complex communications across all media and channels.


Self-Service or Managed Services

Document & Asset Vault

Template Creation & Management

Workflow Creation & Approval Routing

Omni-Channel Delivery

Marketing + Journey Orchestration + Sales

Improve Retention, Expand Relationships, Increase Referrals

ONEsuite’s engagement creation solution leverages an intuitive “drag & drop” workflow builder to visually design a campaign. By leveraging the imbedded analytics engine, the platform allows for the complete segmentation and qualification of engagement strategies based upon client preferences and profiles. The correlation of multiple data points and client profiles supports the creation of individualized personas that drive predictive modeling, enabling your organization to improve engagement effectiveness through machine learning.


Campaign Builder

Campaign Management

Predictive Modeling + Analytics

Omni-Channel Campaign Orchestration

Campaign Performance Dashboard

Machine Learning

Optimize the Entire Customer Journey to Improve Customer Acquisition and Retention

Get a comprehensive look at a range of criteria that impacts the customer journey, including artificial intelligence & analytics, omni-channel communications, and risk factors of each member. You can then create custom campaigns for outreach or create decision reports on the segmentation of your audience. ONEsuite is the new standard to help you communicate and engage your audience participants more effectively to improve quality and reduce risk.

Build and Distribute Custom Sales Tools With Ease

Create customer journeys and multi-channel campaigns, and track results. Build customized marketing and educational microsites for your clients, build custom brochures and sales collateral, build and order sales and enrollment kits — all in one complete platform.

Create a Unique Web Experience for Every Customer

Create customized content and add variable text and images into any communication channel. We’ve streamlined template management with a self-service and virtual tool to create and edit customized content and messages within a document, website, or any media.

Omni-Channel Communications

Digital Transformation + Omni-Channel Solution

Modernize and strengthen your relationships by communicating the right message, in the right format, through the right channel. ONEsuite supports the collection and management of customer profile information, delivery channel preferences and customer consent for electronic interactions. This data is used to optimize the composition process to generate the output according to a customer’s pre-determined delivery preferences.


Preference Management

eDelivery & ePresentment

Print + Fulfillment

Email, SMS, Microsites & PowerPoints

Interactive Video

Production Dashboard

Real Time Production Status of Every Customer Touchpoint

Campaign Management Reporting Dashboard

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