Digital Transformation + Omni-Channel Communications

Digital Print & Fulfillment

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Data Integration + Normalization

ONESuite begins with the platform’s ability to support the collection, standardization and storage of data in a standard data model from a variety of sources, including core processing systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems and external third-party sources. Our data science expertise enables more efficient composition, execution of business rules that determine variable content, personalization and targeted marketing messages, analytics, and business intelligence.

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Data Analytics + Business Intelligence

Optimize your organization’s Customer Communications Management strategy by gaining valuable insight to who your audience really is. O’Neil’s data analytics engine creates a deep understanding of your individual audience members, with built in machine learning to provide “next-best-action” to communicate more effectively.

O’Neil’s ONEscore rating system allows you to create segmentations of your audience based on a scoring system with built-in “live” personas that will provide deep insight into who specifically your customers are, what they feel, and how they think. This insight will allow you to effectively communicate and provide intelligence to your organization that was never available until now. ONEscore takes a comprehensive look at a range of criteria that impacts the customer journey, including artificial intelligence & analytics, Omni-channel Communications, customer journey, and risk factors of each audience member. You can then create custom campaigns for outreach or create decision reports on the segmentation of your audience. ONEscore is the new standard to help you gain a better understanding of how to communicate and engage your audience members more effectively to improve quality and reduce risk.

O’Neil’s ONEscore incorporates SDOH data, artificial intelligence, and predictive modeling to help our clients improve their Star Ratings and NPS.

ONEscore combines insight from multiple data points related to a customer, and analyzes and learns from that data, then presents an unprecedented opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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Content Creation & Delivery

Clients can virtually eliminate their composition and desk top publishing departments by providing a virtual composition tool for managing, editing and even creating new document templates. Edit documents, make global changes, proof documents instantly, and send documents to other stakeholders for review, via our approval workflow system.

Create customized content and add variable text and images into any communication channel. We streamlines template management by providing clients with a self-service and virtual tool to create and edit customized content and messages within a document, website, or any media. Make global changes, edit static content, and create and deliver your information in real time. Eliminate hours of template design and reduces template versions by giving you complete control.

ONEsuite enables transparency and coordinated interactions between the business and customers. All communications generated by and managed within the platform are automatically captured and archived ensuring a historical accounting of every customer communication. This includes all documents, emails, text messages, HTML(5) mobile and web content, and IVR. Imagine having all customer communications readily accessible in one place across all lines of business. Access can be provided to customers, brokers/agents, direct sales, marketing, and any other authorized resource. Configurable governance, workflows, and interfaces can be set up to support the necessary control and user experience. Archived communications can be routed for on-demand delivery via already configured channels (email, fax, web content consolidators, print & mail, etc.).


Omni-Channel Communications

Collect missing or important data and manage preferences of your audience. Capture data via IVR, electronic forms, paper forms, and email or SMS. Linked with our Omni-channel solutions, we will then present your communications to your audience when they want it, how they want it, and where they want it. You will gain a higher customer retention and will save money by reducing costly print and postage expenses.

O’Neil’s ePresentment platform helps our clients build stronger relationships with their customers by communicating the way your clients demand. Every communication touchpoint is available to your customer, including cloud-based applications, such as Box and iCloud, and even social media sites. Create a deeper engagement with your audience, while savings millions of dollars in print and postage costs. Electronically present or deliver critical compliance and marketing communications documents, including brochures, marketing collateral, welcome kits, personalized direct mail, billing statements, compliance letters, ID cards, contracts, confirms and other data-driven communications.

Gain complete visibility into the document and content production process, with real-time SLA reporting. Clients have the ability to manage their document and content production and proofing process via a customized, online portal. A dashboard provides the status of each document and data file, and allows our clients to edit, approve, and track print and fulfillment production throughout the workflow.


Marketing / Journey Orchestration / Sales

Increase customer acquisition, satisfaction, retention, and revenue with our sales & marketing solutions. Create customer journeys and multi-channel campaigns, and track results. Build customized marketing and educational websites for your clients, build custom brochures and sales collateral, build and order sales and enrollment kits. All in one platform.

  • CRM Solutions
    • Journey Orchestration
    • Campaign Builder
    • Campaign Management + Analytics
    • Microsite Builder
    •  Custom Brochure Builder
  • Interactive Video
  • Sales Kit Creation & Kit Ordering Platform

Virtual hosts guide customers through the enrollment process of their 401k plan, life insurance policy, banking relationship, or wealth management account. Customer data is captured and fully integrated into the clients’ record-keeping database (e.g., enrollment, investment, deferrals, transaction changes, etc.) with just a few clicks. Backed by ONEsuite’s machine learning algorithm, we deliver highly personalized, interactive video messaging solutions that drive customer behavior at every stage of their journey. And as their life needs change, it identifies key opportunities to help them optimize their benefits and, ultimately, foster a deeper relationship between the customer and the organization.

O’Neil’s online enrollment kit creation and ordering tools enable agents & brokers to order, customize and produce all-in-one digital enrollment kits.

Create, personalize and order kits in real-time, at any time.  Our rules-based document assembly tools enable you to select kit content from our document repository and add variable data, personalized letters, static documents, and other customized messages to each kit.

You can ultimately eliminate static and non-relevant content within enrollment materials, and reduces cost and obsolescence by producing more personalized and timely content on demand.

End-to-End Print Services

While digital transformation is becoming a major initiative for many, printing of physical documents and enrollment kits continue to be the preference of choice among many audiences. O’Neil Digital Solutions has been at the forefront of digital printing for over four decades, with revolutionizing data-driven, digital print communications. Today, O’Neil is one of the world’s largest digital print providers, producing and delivering billions of personalized, time-sensitive communications, in a highly secure environment, for many of the nation’s most reputable healthcare, financial and insurance organizations.

O’Neil’s state-of-the art print technology is driven by one central data center, with production and distribution facilities strategically located in California, Texas and North Carolina to ensure efficient access to every major US market. Our end-to-end print solutions include:

  • Data management
  • ONEsuite cloud-based composition and document management portals
  • High-speed, full color digital printing
  • Binding and finishing
  • Mail + fulfillment

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