ONEsuite: a powerful CCM/CX platform to improve client retention, relationship expansion, and referrals

CCM / CX Solutions for Insurance

Insurance companies risk losing customers when they lack relevant and timely communication. Companies who’ve resorted to only reaching out at the time of policy renewal are especially at risk. They have limited opportunities to engage their customers, so every interaction counts. Today’s more empowered customer seeks greater value, personalized information, and real-time communication in their preferred channels.

Data and intelligence about your policyholders is essential to ensuring meaningful, contextual communications and effective engagement. O’Neil’s ONEsuite platform leverages our 50+ year heritage of turning complex investment data into actionable insights to drive better results. Leveraging next-gen technology and machine learning, the innovative platform provides a comprehensive end-to-end client communication solution to enable digital transformation. With ONEsuite, transform technical disruption and evolving client engagement preferences into opportunities to strengthen relationships and build brand loyalty.

Insurance Products

According to Gartner, “Customer needs and demands are shifting, and most insurers are ill-prepared to improve customer experiences.”
The average customer retention rate for the insurance industry is 84%, but the top companies in the industry are beating that average by 10% or more. Insurance agents can expect to spend 7 to 9 times more money acquiring a new customer than retaining an old one.

ONEsuite has all the tools you need to really know your insurance customers, communicate with them more effectively, and improve engagement and satisfaction.

Communication Experience Management:
Finding the Right Balance

The success of any organization depends on providing a positive customer experience. The key to exceeding evolving customer expectations is the right blend of intuitive technology and experience, a balance you’ll find in O’Neil Digital Solution’s customer experience management platform. 

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