O’Neil Digital Solutions and Pentegra to Launch Plan Health Dashboard

Los Angeles, California – O’Neil Digital Solutions, a sister company of Investor’s Business Daily, and a leading provider of Plan Sponsor and Participant Communications, has partnered with Pentegra to launch a Plan Health Dashboard. 

The Plan Health Dashboard uses a client’s plan analytics to assign a plan health score based on underlying metrics such as participation rates, income replacement ratios, and asset diversification. The metrics can be weighted to define the scoring methodology. 

The system also compares the plan score against industry benchmarks, including comparison to peer group, and makes prescriptive suggestions on how to improve the plan score. Recommendations might include plan design modifications or communication campaigns to better the overall health of the plan.

Mark Rosson, Vice President, O’Neil Digital Solutions, notes: “We believe getting plan participants to a successful retirement begins with the employer. When we proactively assess the health of a plan and enable providers and plan sponsors with the tools to delve into the underlying metrics, we can diagnose issues and provide a more effective roadmap. It’s about helping participants change behaviors and make informed decisions that lead to comfortable retirement.”

O’Neil and Pentegra initiated the Plan Health Dashboard concept in response to the mostly antiquated solutions available today. Many of today’s solutions fail to meet the growing demand by plan sponsors for greater insight and intelligence. “It presented a great opportunity to leverage our industry expertise and technology foundation to develop a dashboard that seamlessly integrates into a provider’s plan sponsor site,” says Rosson. “Our partnership with such a strong and respected organization as Pentegra will ultimately drive better retirement outcomes. That’s very exciting.”

Pentegra Senior Vice President Richard Rausser added, “Our integration with O’Neil Digital Solutions and the creation of the Plan Health Dashboard will enable us to deliver our SmartPathTM thought leadership in a way that is seamlessly integrated with a measurement of plan success. Plan Sponsors should see an improvement in their Plan Health Score from year-to-year as they implement the SmartPathTM plan design features. Our goal is for the improved scores to translate to greater participant retirement readiness.”

About Pentegra

Pentegra is a leading provider of retirement plan and fiduciary outsourcing solutions to organizations nationwide. Founded by the Federal Home Loan Bank System in 1943, Pentegra offers a broad array of qualified and non-qualified retirement plan solutions, third party administration (TPA) services and benefits financing solutions using bank owned life insurance (BOLI). In addition, Pentegra, through Pentegra Investors, Inc., also serves the needs of institutional investors, offering partial or complete investment outsourcing capabilities. For more information, go to

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