Modern Campaign Management for Better Healthcare Member Experiences

When considering your most recent shopping experience, did you find exactly what you needed? Did you buy things you weren’t planning to? And did you come across products you’ll purchase at another time?

With endless options across virtually every product and service, customers make decisions and change their minds in real time. The vast digital landscape makes it challenging for brands to follow customers and stay top of mind. A recent Gartner study on how CMOs are allocating budget dollars found that a majority of marketers feel that managing customer journeys is more difficult than ever before. And, it’s likely to get more complicated as platforms expand and new opportunities for engagement arise. Successful brands can’t limit themselves to one or two channels. Rather, you need to proactively intercept customers when a need arises, with relevant, helpful messaging and content of course.

Managing your healthcare member journeys

Identifying the need to nurture your healthcare member relationships and activate the right types of content at the right time is one thing – doing it is another. Member journeys, especially when it comes to healthcare decision-making, are a complex, ever-shifting puzzle.

Fortunately, there are many tools that can help you understand who your members are and segment them into audiences, while also organizing and preparing your communications. However, since the member journey touches so many different channels and functions (i.e. sales, marketing, customer service, billing/finance, etc.), ideally you bring in an enterprise-wide, omni-channel solution like ONESuite, a sophisticated customer communications management (CCM) and customer experience (CX) platform for all of your campaigns.

Transform data into meaningful, relevant outreach

With ONEsuite, healthcare organizations can utilize data that’s mapped with social determinants of health (SDOH). With SDOH insights and other data, you can build a rich understanding of your audiences and deploy omni-channel campaigns that align with their needs – at the precise moments they occur.

Here are a few more reasons to consider a comprehensive CCM/CX platform such as ONEsuite:

  • Create member journeys: With core capabilities that include rich data, predictive modeling, and next-best-action, ONEsuite helps you develop realistic and flexible member journeys that help you engage with audiences more effectively. With member journeys, you can plan appropriate and relevant content that will elevate interest in your services, foster understanding and trust, and, ultimately, drive better campaign results.
  • Build, store, and deliver print and digital sales collateral: While many healthcare organizations have to create and store content in separate platforms, ONEsuite allows users to develop content built with responsive design. This means you can easily translate one piece of content into omni-channel documents, microsites and landing pages, email, and SMS communications, as well as HTML, PowerPoint presentations, and interactive videos. The built-in delivery system allows your sales and customer service teams to communicate personalized, variable, and complex communications across every relevant channel.
  • Improve retention, increase STAR ratings. As ONEsuite collects and correlates your campaign engagement, you’ll understand what members want to engage with and can augment content further. With happier, more satisfied members, you have the ability to improve retention rates and increase satisfaction and STAR ratings.

With so much information on hand, the path forward becomes clearer.

  • Power stronger digital transformation. With so many cross-functional capabilities, ONEsuite modernizes and strengthens relationships with prospects and plan members. Communicating the right message, in the right format, through the right channel, and at the right time is just the beginning. With continuous data collection and a 360-degree view of interactions, you can optimize more than just CCM/CX. You can transform processes across the entire organization.

It’s one thing to read about ONEsuite. It’s another to see its power for yourself. Contact us today for a free, virtual consultation where we get to know your business and share how ONEsuite can drive enhanced engagement and transform your operations.