Four in ’24: The Major Trends Impacting Customer Communications

Discover how data, omnichannel experience, artificial intelligence (AI), and more are shaping CCM strategy this year and beyond

As always, a New Year puts social and technological advancements under the microscope. With cutting-edge platforms and tools continuing to drive the evolution of consumer expectations, businesses must adopt innovative strategies that seamlessly blend data, omnichannel interactions, artificial intelligence (AI) and customer-tailored communications.

With 2024 underway, there’s no time like the present to look at how these key trends are expected to influence how businesses, regardless of industry or sector, engage with their diverse audiences.

Trend #1: Leverage customer data but keep it private

The most effective, integrated customer communications strategies are built on the back of customer insights. Well-organized data allows you to really know your customers and communicate with them in ways that build trust and foster higher satisfaction. But, consumers and regulatory agencies are drawing a fine line between what is and isn’t appropriate usage of data.

Consumers have become highly sensitive to how their personal information is collected and utilized by companies. Furthermore, new privacy laws emerged in 2023, meaning businesses can’t ignore or avoid proper security measures. Turning a blind eye could mean serious fines and legal consequences.

Recommendation: If you deal with personal health care or financial data, the stakes are extremely high. Stay on top of the latest data privacy and security regulations and ensure that your communications management platforms deliver the expected level of privacy demanded by state and federal laws.

Trend #2: Step up the omnichannel experience

As we’ve shared before, customers expect seamless interactions across various channels, from mobile apps and social media to email and traditional channels (i.e. phone and direct mail). With that said, omnichannel marketing isn’t just about delivering communications across as many channels as possible. It’s about creating a unified, cohesive experience from channel to channel.

For example, your customers should not have to take the same action twice or repeat themselves, at multiple touchpoints. And, don’t make them provide sensitive personal information at various times. If your website’s chatbot asks them the same question as a customer service agent on the phone, you risk losing their trust and, ultimately, their business for good. Interconnectedness between channels is the key.

Recommendation: Smart companies leverage smart authentication and customer communications management (CCM) tools and platforms (i.e. ONEsuite) to keep track of interactions across their growing number of channels.

Trend #3: Enhance your work with AI

Although AI is massively overhyped in the news media, there’s no doubt that it’s transforming the ways in which we work and communicate with our customers and internal teams. Companies across the globe are embracing AI with open arms and dedicating various tasks to these new technologies. While some AI tools and capabilities have proven better than others, the promises of time saved and mundane tasks eliminated will keep AI at the forefront of business trends for years to come.

Even the recent launch of ONEsuite 4.0 brought along AI enhancements including AI-generated content templates, campaigns, workflows, and customer outreach.

Recommendation: It’s important to dedicate time and resources to understanding which AI tools are right for your business and industry. Whether you work in financial services, healthcare, or another market, talk to your counterparts to see what’s working (or not working) for them.

And, we can’t forget a shameless plug encouraging you to reach out to us for a quick, 15- to 30-minute demo of our latest AI enhancements.

Trend #4: Tailor your messaging at scale

You can’t overlook the hyper-personalization trend that has dominated marketing communications strategy in recent years. It’s probably evident just when you scroll through social media, open your email inbox, or search on the Internet.

When businesses have the right CCM or CX platform in place, they’re positioned to layer rich customer data into their messaging and campaigns. The result: Resonating with your customers on a deeply personal level. Customers don’t want generic, one-size-fits-all messaging when the majority of retail and e-commerce brands already meet their specific needs.

Recommendation: Fortunately, tailored communications are a primary feature of many CCM platforms. Check out ONEsuite to see how its latest AI capabilities power campaigns that ensure your customers feel understood across their entire journey.


As we step into 2024, companies that prioritize these four trends and invest in customer communications strategies will not only retain their customer base but also attract new customers who appreciate modern, convenient, and tailored interactions. By staying ahead of the curve, you and your team can navigate the evolving CCM landscape successfully and thrive in a data and AI-driven world.