ONEscore: Campaign Management for Better Customer Experiences

As the communications landscape rapidly changes, businesses need to communicate more effectively to ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. O’Neil’s ONEscore solution provides a centralized campaign management platform that helps clients get to know and understand their audience, enabling more personalized and meaningful communications. This creates a better overall experience for the customer.

Data-Driven Campaigns

Data is the key to a successful campaign. But accessing and using data from your enterprise, or incorporating third-party data into the campaign can be daunting. Sometimes there is so much data, but it’s scattered in many places or coming in from multiple systems. How do you streamline this data flow to create a meaningful and personalized outreach? This data issue brings campaigns to a halt or creates a convoluted process that does not provide the actionable insights you are trying to achieve.

O’Neil’s ONEscore Campaign Management module can help. Our solution allows clients a central place to gather disparate data, and clean and optimize this data with our powerful data cleaning and normalization features. After the data is cleaned and optimized, audience segmentation and other data analytics features are applied to provide for highly targeted campaigns based on specific audience segmentation. 

O’Neil’s Campaign Management platform allows clients to effectively build, manage and track campaigns. Features include:

  • Data Management
    • Data Cleaning
    • Data Aggregation
    • Data Normalization
  • Journey Orchestration
  • Preference Management
  • Template Creation
    • Email templates
    • SMS templates
    • Document templates
    • Video templates
    • HTML 5 templates
  • Data Analytics
    • Next Best ActionsPredictive ModelingAudience Segmentation
    • Profile building (Live Personas)
  • Omni-channel Delivery
  • Reporting Dashboards – Tracking results and calls-to-action

Data Analytics

ONEscore’s data analytics and intelligence features enable clients to accurately study audience behavior in real-time and properly segment their customers using 360° live personas. Through its proprietary predictive modeling and AI engine, ONEscore allows enterprises to truly get to know their customers with a comprehensive snapshot, allowing for highly personalized, relevant, and timely communications. As a result, they enhance the customer experience, translating to better customer outcomes and improved industry ratings.

Omni-channel Communications

You can communicate in every channel your audience demands with ONEscore.  All channels are seamlessly integrated into a single workflow. The channel can be selected based on preference or the next-best action. ONEscore controls all of this for you in a simple workflow. Our dashboard will track each channel, and its success ratio and report on the funnel conversion of each campaign, providing the ROI you need for each campaign or a collection of campaigns. 

360-Degree View of your Audience

ONEscore’s dynamic dashboard provides a 360° view of the entire customer journey, with reporting tools that track the results of every marketing and outreach campaign, providing organizations with a clear next step for each audience member.

ONEscore is a new standard in campaign management, allowing you to engage your audience members more effectively to improve customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.