CCM: Know Your Audience to Build Engagement & Member Satisfaction

It’s often reported that healthcare companies trail most industries in customer satisfaction, and that health plan members are increasingly dissatisfied with their plans. However, there’s indication over the past few years that this trend is changing, with health plan satisfaction slowly on the rise.

In this age of consumer-driven healthcare, members are expecting more from their plans, and are actively looking for better ways to improve their health while decreasing costs. Consumers have become well accustomed to hyper-personalized brand experiences, from the way they consume entertainment to how they shop, dine or seek advice. And they aren’t giving a pass to healthcare companies who’ve been slow to adapt.

The member satisfaction trend is due, in part, to the adjustments to the Medicare Star Ratings program. CMS has responded to the ever-growing consumer demand by increasing emphasis placed on the quality of experience delivered by health plans. Within the next few years, 57% of a health plan’s Star rating will be determined by member experience. So, what does that mean to plan providers? Maintaining plan performance isn’t enough to ensure high customer experience scores. Plans must focus on the entire member journey to craft highly relevant experiences that members value.

Know the Score

O’Neil Digital Solutions, specialists in Customer Communications Management (CCM) for the healthcare industry, anticipated these changing trends years ago and has responded with a new addition to its flagship ONEsuite platform — their ONEscore data analytics and Member Experience solution. ONEscore is a powerful new standard to help plans gain a better understanding of each audience member, then communicating and engaging their members more effectively to improve member satisfaction and retention.

The ONEscore rating system enables you to create segments of your audience based on a scoring system with built-in “Live” Personas. These personas provide deep insight into who your customers are, what they feel, and how they think. This enables you to communicate with them more effectively and gain intelligence that was never available until now.

Communicate with Better Understanding

O’Neil’s data scientists create algorithms to study customer data, behavior, and psychographic details. We centralize client data and combine with our extensive third-party social determinants of health (SDOH) and other public and social data sets to create a 360-degree view and single source of truth for each customer. These “Live” Personas provide deep insights into every audience member, with the ultimate goal of providing them a more personalized, high-quality member experience.

“Customers can now generate insight and intelligence about their audience and create deep segmentation of their clients and prospects. This will literally allow the highest degree of custom messaging and communications that could never be achieved before”, said Mark Rosson, O’Neil’s Vice President of Sales + Marketing. “ONEscore is a new standard in engaging your audience members more effectively to improve customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, and customer retention. 

Build Better Campaigns

Robust campaign management features are integrated within ONEscore. Organizations gain a comprehensive look at a range of criteria that impacts the customer journey, including artificial intelligence & analytics, Omni-channel Communications, and risk factors of each audience member. This enables you to instantly create and run campaigns based on deep analytics and audience segmentation. Creating the right content for the right audience members at the right time ensures them a more personal and meaningful communication and omni-channel experience.

Our robust reporting and dashboard tracks the results of every marketing and outreach campaign, so you can create decision reports on the segmentation of your audience.

Optimize for Next-Best-Action

Traditional healthcare marketing approaches focus on an organization’s goals, products or services, and fail to address the needs and interests of today’s increasingly informed healthcare consumer. Next-best action marketing enables plans to tailor content and deliver highly personalized experiences to each member.

O’Neil’s data analytics engine with built in machine learning evaluates a customer’s past behavior, recent actions, needs and interests to help identify the most effective action. This next-best-action approach puts the customer at the center, helping you communicate more effectively based on the desired outcomes. 

Reduce Member Risk

At the core of O’Neil’s ONEscore analytics tools is the ability to score each member for risk factors, engagement, and other key data points. It can even help find gaps in care. This allows clients to segment audiences and deliver valuable content to help them improve member health and well-being.

Improve Star Ratings

ONEscore is a complete decision support solution that provides comprehensive view of your Star ratings performance and the tools to help you improve your plan’s stars. A positive member experience drives higher enrollment, higher plan satisfaction, and ultimately, lower costs. By 2023, CMS incentives for delivering exceptional member experience will increase exponentially. Plans that respond to this shift will be well positioned for success.

The New Standard

ONEscore is the new standard to help you gain a better understanding of how to communicate and engage your audience members more effectively to improve quality and reduce risk. It can manage every line of business for healthcare payers including Medicare, Medicaid, Individual, Commercial and TPAs. Healthcare sales and marketing teams now have a powerful new tool to acquire new members, improve the health and wellbeing of members and patients, and build overall customer satisfaction, which leads to higher retention rates.