Guiding Health Plan Members Towards Seamless Digital Communication

Healthcare organizations of all sizes are rolling out digital transformation initiatives that impact everything from IT, sales, and marketing communications to customer service, billing, and other critical functions. While the shift to more digital communications marks an exciting evolution of your member experience, it also brings about significant concerns, especially for customers who favor print communication methods. 

It’s a tricky situation. On one hand, digital technology leads to easier, more seamless processing and communication for staff and members. Ideally, it makes everyone’s lives easier. However, some members worry that switching to digital communications puts their personal information at risk. Also, any change in behavior is bound to frustrate some people who prefer ‘business as usual’.  That’s why it’s important to follow change communications management best practices. 

Fortunately, a best-in-class CCM and CX platform like O’Neil’s ONESuite makes the switch easier.

Avoid member friction 

Consumers already have a low tolerance for communication friction, especially when it comes to their healthcare. Many healthcare-related processes already frustrate customers. Ultimately, they desire convenience, ease of use, and transparency when it comes to products and services. 

They also have high expectations when it comes to customer experience across digital platforms, thanks to fast, seamless customer service processes from Amazon, Apple, Google, etc. These tech giants are masters of great experiences and work hard to protect valued customer data. 

Mind the generational gaps

As you transition customers from print to digital, it’s important to remember their mindset. While millennials and Gen Zers tend to be favorable toward digital tools and platforms, baby boomers may require extra hand-holding and adoption time. They often have concerns about how their healthcare information is processed, transmitted, and stored. Thus, education about data protection will be critical. 

The COVID-19 pandemic did transform consumer communications regardless of age, creating all sorts of digital challenges and opportunities. If they hadn’t already done so, many members had to adopt virtual and digital channels for healthcare appointments and events, plus a variety of other communications functions. As a result, many members’ preferences shifted and now is the time for healthcare brands to use data to adopt strategies and tools that accommodate shifts in behavior. 

Your CCM/CX platform matters

Ultimately, your omnichannel strategy needs to meet target audiences where they are across digital touchpoints. To achieve higher adoption, look for a CCM and CX platform that:

  • Addresses customer preferences for multichannel access
  • Allows customers to switch from print to digital, and back when needed
  • Supports customer needs relating to data protection and security
  • Helps you simplify communications and offer tools for you to clearly communicate best practices

Customers want options when it comes to their healthcare communications. More importantly, they want to be able to view their information across multiple channels and methods, especially as their needs and preferences change. But they also demand high levels of security around their highly sensitive data, regardless of channel. 

With O’Neil’s ONEsuite CCM + CX platform, healthcare organizations can provide strong communications, while also analyzing customer data to improve engagement and satisfaction, within an easy-to-use and fully secure application. Schedule a 15-minute, free consultation with a ONESuite expert today. We offer customized demos and support and are happy to answer all your questions.