Enhance Revenue Streams for Financial Institutions: The Impact of a powerful CCM Platform

As economic uncertainty continues into Q3 and beyond, consumers rely on their financial institutions for not only up-to-date information, but holistic, tailored service and communications based on their needs.

Unfortunately, many financial services companies struggle to deliver insights at the speed and quality that their members demand – and deserve during these distressing times.

Without a comprehensive customer communications management (CCM) and/or customer experience (CX) platform, the time and effort needed to gather customer data, create and deliver essential information, and analyze results is incredibly substantial. Not to mention, these processes are also prone to human error and require various team members to enter data across existing data management systems.

Simply put, there’s a better way without the hassle and costs.

Maximizing revenues with sales and marketing efforts

Financial institutions are bursting with customer data related to needs, purchase behaviors, saving trends, life events and more. But too often, the data sits idle as it’s contained across various systems without consistent analysis, updating or marketing action.

With a CCM/CX solution such as O’Neil’s fully integrated ONESuite platform, financial services companies can access a single, centralized and up-to-date platform for all insights about customers. They can pull reports regarding various audience segments and build highly relevant, highly tailored engagement campaigns. After delivering a campaign, you can also track results and fine-tune content as needed, further augmenting the success of your efforts and, ultimately, increasing your revenue. You also won’t have to outsource the campaign to an external agency or contractor, reducing your costs.

Elevate member engagement, trust and loyalty

In a time when customers expect ultra-personalized and tailored communications catered to their needs, financial institutions cannot allow outdated, legacy systems to hinder a positive member experience. Without a comprehensive CCM platform, you risk letting your customer engagement – and overall experience – fall by the wayside. If customers have to constantly call customer service to get answers to questions or to retrieve information, they’ll lose trust and, most likely, leave you for a competitor who “gets” what they need to hear and see.

When you have a robust CCM solution in place, customer service representatives and sales team members can access important data – financial information, current product/service mix, all touchpoints received, etc. – so that every conversation is informed and requires less time and work (for both customers and team members). When every interaction is more personal, your financial services organization can improve satisfaction and retention figures. Additionally, your employees will feel empowered having the data they need right at their fingertips. Rather than searching for answers to problems, they can spend time having productive and meaningful conversations with customers, and even upsell them into additional products.

ONESuite: One integrated platform to transform your customer experience & lifetime value

Implementing a comprehensive, end-to-end CCM solution such as ONESuite helps financial institutions to achieve positive engagement and positive revenue returns. With everything from data integration and management to business intelligence to content creation and delivery, ONESuite comes with every capability you need to elevate your customer experience from the inside out.

Even leading consulting firms such as the Aspire, which specializes in the customer communications management industry, rank O’Neil Digital Solutions and ONESuite as a top CCM-CXM service provider. You can read the news release here.

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