Hello, I’m Here: Welcome To the Live Persona

I used to be a little puzzled when I read the documents given to me at the end of a physician appointment. My eyes scanned over the information that encompassed my vitals. But I couldn’t help but wonder, where was the rest of my vitality? I was clearly more than a bunch of numbers armed with a few new prescriptions. It seemed to me that I had shared a considerable amount of personal information in that appointment but most of it just fell away.

And I know I’m not alone with this model. Thousands of times a day, there are hopeful patients just like me who want to be viewed as a whole person, not just aches, pains and test results. I wanted to call out, “Hello, I’m in here!” I wanted to be found. I wanted to really be seen.

And when I put on my Marketing hat, I can say that my persona is much more interesting than the one being assigned to me in a healthcare practice or insurance company. Wasn’t there any healthcare business that can see me in my entirety? Know my authentic persona? Couldn’t anyone market to me in the way that I like, when I would like it? And, yes, address healthcare and insurance issues that are relevant and timely for me?

You can’t grow with a static persona

It all comes down to data that goes beyond old input and methodologies. But, unfortunately, healthcare companies are falling short in their attempts at relevance and retention because they simply don’t have the data necessary to create “live” personas of their patients and prospects. Tired data is due to some degree to lackluster group and member retention. Predictive analytics tools don’t have much to work with, creating a vicious cycle of limited insight, bad decisions, customer churn, etc. Unhealthy to say the least.

Every business ever established wants to create customers for life. It’s no different in healthcare. But so many businesses don’t know where to begin to achieve that goal. It starts with customer insight. Know them. Understand them. Stay with them as they transition. Never stop offering solutions for them. Because it’s only with deep knowledge of your audience that you can:

  • Share effective and relevant communications
  • Develop better relationships
  • Improve satisfaction
  • Create customers for life

Say hello to the “live” persona

Regardless of the business type, and even in personal relationships, the greatest thing we can offer is to really “see” someone—prospect or customer. It’s the greatest compliment and greatest way to bind people and companies. People want to be validated. They want to be heard. They want their preferences acknowledged.

And the best way to really see a customer or prospect is to create dynamic customer relationships—transitioning from static to “live” personas. Capturing data and communicating to customers based on their preferences is a solid method of not only getting their attention, but keeping them as customers for the long term.

So, what exactly is a “live” persona? Take your basic persona information for a customer and add to it all types of data based on activities, behaviors, decisions and habits. Consider their social media and technology use, diet and exercise patterns, communication preferences, service expectations and buying behaviors.

Organizations also need to consider intangible demographics when considering how to create live personas and reach customers. This type of information comes from Social Determinants of Health, factors that influence health but aren’t as readily recognized as health and illness predictors. Most people practice these health elements without realizing their impact on their total overall health. Some of the most prominent social determinants include:

  • Safe housing and local food sources
  • Educational, economic and employment opportunities
  • Access to healthcare services
  • Quality education and job training
  • Community living and recreational and leisure activities
  • Transportation options
  • Public safety
  • Social norms and attitudes
  • Exposure to crime, violence, and social
  • Socioeconomic
  • Residential segregation
  • Language and literacy

Customers and prospects give out clues all day and savvy organizations know how to look for it, capture it and use it to engage.

The O’Neil Solution to “live” personas

We believe in an audience of one. To us, communications that deliver customer-centric information and support is key to any customer journey. In order to be relevant, healthcare companies must be present at every touchpoint, taking a proactive stance. Providing information that will enhance customer lives, even before they know they need it.

Any company with intentions of securing long-term customer relationships needs to consider the expectations and objectives of its base—on a one-to-one basis. That makes marketing not only come alive, it makes it indispensable. Relationships built on authentic relevance are not easily broken, in fact, they’re enhanced.

If you’re ready to reach prospects and customers with authenticity, we have a solution—ONEscore—that sets a new standard in evaluating an organization’s Customer Communications Management (CCM) strategy. ONEscore takes a comprehensive look at a range of criteria that impacts the customer journey, including intelligence and analytics, process and workflow, omni-channel communications, customer journey and lifetime cost.

Together we can make that one-to-one connection with your customers using highly personalized and relevant data. You’ll be amazed at the insights you take away from every touchpoint that will help you interact with customers in more meaningful ways. Both online and off, you’ll get the data you never thought you could get plus the predictive analytics that make it relevant. Turn the tables on your customers and say, “Hello I’m here,” and be ready for meaningful responses on which to build long-term relationships.