Customer Communications Management Software Highlights

The best customer communications management software goes beyond building brand awareness to facilitate lifelong brand relationships.

ONEsuite, the flagship product from O’Neil Digital Solutions, does that and so much more. Our robust platform modernizes and transforms your communications to improve customer satisfaction and generate more revenue.

In today’s world, you can’t afford to fall short of your customers’ needs and expectations. Be prepared to connect with them at every turn — whether they engage with your company via your website or mobile app, or through electronic or printed communications.

We’ve listened closely to our clients, and drawn from decades of experience while updating our popular ONEsuite software which supports industries ranging from health plans to financial services to insurance. We integrate essential operations, including content services, marketing automation, digital asset management, and marketing resource management, among others.

As a powerful software solution, ONEsuite features a data analytics engine that enables clients to accurately study recipient behavior in real-time and properly segment customers using live personas.

Our high-performing enterprise system enriches and improves your understanding of customer data. Using these tools, you can produce insights to drive behavioral change and support business growth. As a result, you will increase your revenue and customer acquisition, improve customer satisfaction, and help you retain customers for life.

Customization is crucial. We know that every customer is unique. We help you to understand those individuals and engage with them using the best messages in the most appropriate channels. Our customers use the platform to track customer journeys and gain valuable insights about their audiences.

The data analytics engine, with built-in artificial intelligence, creates a deeper understanding of individual audience members and creates built-in, “live” personas. A “live” persona offers a deep understanding of each customer – what they want, feel and need. Using this customized information, you can personalize outreach and build Omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Strategic campaigns in appropriate channels, based on deep analytics and live personas, support effective communication and meaningful experiences. Customized marketing can include educational websites (called Microsites). Personalized marketing materials can be created on demand.

We complete the communications loop because our customer communications management software handles the measurement function by auditing and tracking results. The data ensures that your organization always has clear information in hand to drive the next steps for each member of your audience. 

Make a difference today while radically transforming the customer experience with just one proven software tool: ONEsuite.

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Every day we repurpose, produce and deliver millions of time-sensitive documents both in electronic and paper media. From digital transformation to customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention, our integrated CCM platform is a SAAS solution that has everything you need to achieve digital transformation goals and effectively improve customer communications.

Core Capabilities

  • Content Creation
  • Content Management
  • Variable Messaging
  • Template Creation + Template Management
  • Asset Library
  • Document Management
  • Powerful Content Creation and Delivery Tools (all at your fingertips)
  • Preference Management
  • ePresentment
  • eDelivery
  • eMail, SMS
  • Microsites
  • Interactive Video
  • PowerPoint
  • Production SLA Dashboard
  • CRM Solutions (Journey Orchestration, Campaign Management + Analytics)
  • Predictive Modeling (Next Best Action)
  • AI + Machine Learning
  • Centralized Customer Dashboard
  • Improve Star Rating + Net Promoter Scores
  • Built-in Social Determinants of Health + Social Media Data

Get a Closer Look

ONEsuite allows users to create and manage content that is built with responsive design, allowing for seamless Omni-channel of documents, email and SMS communications, as well as HTML 5, PowerPoint, and even interactive video. ONEsuite’s built in Omni-channel delivery allows stakeholders to communicate personalized, variable, and complex communications across all media and channels.