O’Neil Digital Solutions Secures Leadership Position in Aspire’s CCM-CXM Service Provider Leaderboard

Customer Communication Management (CCM) For Healthcare

The nation’s most reputable healthcare companies rely on our unsurpassed expertise to confidently communicate to and delight their members.

Today, it’s imperative that your organization provide a seamless communication experience to your audiences, whether they engage with your company via your website or mobile app, or through electronic or printed communications.

O’Neil makes it easy for you to strengthen relationships with your customers by communicating how they prefer. We offer a complete CCM platform with integrated, Omni-channel communications for the creation and delivery of personalized content in a variety of paper and electronic media, including documents, email, SMS, HTML, and even PowerPoint and interactive video.

Delivering an exceptional customer journey begins with a member-centric approach to communicating with and guiding members at every interaction. When organizations recognize that expectations vary from person to person, and implement systems to accommodate those expectations, they pave the way for more exceptional service delivery.

O’Neil specializes in all aspects of customer communications. We understand the latest marketing and regulatory requirements and we have solutions in place to help you communicate to your membership and keep you in compliance.

It has never been more imperative that organizations provide a world-class customer service experience to strengthen their reputations and Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Meeting these expectations requires a deeper understanding of an individual customer’s needs across the entire customer journey.

Over 250 years

of combined healthcare expertise within O’Neil, including all aspects of member and provider communications.

100+ million

healthcare recipients receive communications from O’Neil

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