O’Neil Digital Solutions: ONEsuite Customer Communications Management (whitepaper)

A complete review of O'Neil's CCM solution to customer engagement, satisfaction and retention

There’s been a shift from corporate IT departments to respond quickly todigital transformation initiatives that are changing market conditions. This includes outsourcing non-core competencies, such as customer communications management (CCM). Technology and associated costs needed to support an effective CCM strategy is staggering for organizations, as it requires perishable, specialized skills that IT groups do not typically maintain. Content management, document composition, omni-channel delivery and data analytics are examples of the needed technologies that are difficult to maintain mastery of inside the corporate structure. This has given rise to service providers, such as O’Neil Digital Solutions, who specialize in supplying CCM hosted managed services (HMS). 

In this whitepaper, we:

  • Examine the seven critical components of an effective CCM and CXM solution
  • Assess and review ONEsuite, O’Neil’s all-in-one solution to customer communications strategy
  • Examine the individual tools and functionality within the ONEsuite system
  • Review practical applications of the ONEsuite CCM platform

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