Regulatory Document Management Overview

O’Neil Launches New CXM/CCM Solution Designed for Customer Acquisition, Bonding and Retention

Michael Straubel Joins O’Neil as Managing Director of Global Partnerships

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Breakthrough Customer Data Analytics and Intelligence Engine for CCM and CXM

In an unprecedented development in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM) space, O’Neil Digital Solutions announced the launch of ONEscore, a data analytics and intelligence platform that enables clients to accurately study recipient behavior in real-time and properly segment their customers using 360° live personas.

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3 Ways That Payers Leveraged Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Artificial intelligence is not a new technology, with the first artificial intelligence programs emerging in the early 1950s. However, payers, providers, and vendors continue to enhance and specialize this technology to address healthcare challenges.

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CCM: Know Your Audience to Build Engagement & Member Satisfaction

It’s often reported that healthcare companies trail most industries in customer satisfaction, and that health plan members are increasingly dissatisfied with their plans. However, there’s indication over the past few years that this trend is changing, with health plan satisfaction slowly on the rise. In this age of consumer-driven healthcare, members are expecting more from […]

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O’Neil Announces New CCM Platform Upgrade

O’Neil Digital Solutions has launched a new release of it’s flagship ONEsuite platform, an enterprise CCM, CXM and Digital Transformation solution. ONEsuite enables enterprises to achieve their digital transformation goals while effectively improving customer communications.

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Hello, I’m Here: Welcome To the Live Persona

I used to be a little puzzled when I read the documents given to me at the end of a physician appointment. My eyes scanned over the information that encompassed my vitals.

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Health Plan Member Communications: Difference is In the Data

A recent study indicates that only 56% of health plan members feel they can get help from their plan when they need it or that their health plan understands them or their wants and needs.

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