The nation’s most reputable healthcare companies rely on our unsurpassed expertise to confidently communicate to and delight their members.

O’Neil specializes in all aspects of Managed Healthcare member communications including Commercial, Medicare, Part D, Medicaid and Individual Membership communications. We understand the latest government and CMS requirements and we have solutions in place to help you communicate to your membership and keep you in compliance.

Keeping in compliance

O’Neil’s cutting-edge technology give healthcare clients the ability to process, produce and archive millions of personalized member materials, on time and correctly, either electronically or on paper. Our clients stay in compliance and avoid HIPAA violations.

Healthcare data management infrastructure

We understand the importance of providing accurate, time sensitive materials to your members. We have built a front-end technology that is highly sophisticated, ensuring all member and provider data is processed accurately and quickly, then re-purposed into enriched content.

ONEsuite Web-to-Print Healthcare Solution

O’Neil provides automated solutions to keep you in compliance and to handle every aspect of your membership communication workflow from raw data to final product; all accomplished in house, under one roof, in a secured environment and produced on time, without error.

Healthcare Communication Products

O’NEIL produces millions of ANOCs and EOCs for our healthcare clients and understands the complexities and time-sensitivity of these compliance-driven documents. O’NEIL’s sophisticated technology keeps clients in compliance, ensuring that every ANOC/EOC is correctly produced, ensuring the integrity of PHI, and minimizing all risk associated with HIPAA violations.
Bills & Statements
Billing Statements are crucial to client’s businesses and O’Neil ensures that data is processed and mailed correctly in a secure, time-sensitive manner. O’Neil provides cost-effective alternatives to the current traditional methods of cross-selling. With our winning combination of data processing, color, and variable printing capabilities, and finishing options, O’Neil can help you leverage your client data by adding personalized, targeted messages to your existing transaction-related documents, such as statements, invoices, or bills. O’Neil’s intelligent insertion capabilities ensure your bills and statements are accurate and mailed quickly.
O’Neil specializes in providing Directories for the Managed Healthcare industry. We create static, personalized and specialty directories as well as geographical, radius and full network Directories. Users can also build, customize and order directories via our online web portal called ONEdirectory.
Drug Formularies
O’Neil produces abridged and full Drug Formularies. Our advanced printing and production capabilities allow clients to print via traditional methods or on demand. Drug Formularies may be mailed separately or as part of a Welcome Kit. O’Neil has a production solution that touches every aspect of workflow from receipt of file to delivery of the finished kit. Our automated, fully integrated data-driven system ensures that the final product is produced on time and correctly.
Compliance Letters & Kits
Explanation of Benefits
O’Neil produces millions of EOB’s daily, in full color or black ink, in electronic formats and or paper delivery. Our full-service solution includes: Data Management, File processing, Composition, High-volume digital printing, Intelligent Insertion & Mailing, and Electronic archiving for 10 years via ONEclick
ID Cards
O’Neil’s robust ONEcard solution has the capability to produce millions of ID Cards weekly, with the highest quality, to ensure you are kept in compliance. Our solution enables you to create and deliver highly customized ID Cards for your target audience. O’Neil also offers our ONEcard™ solution, which is a self-service web portal allowing you complete control and transparency in your ID Card production process from start to finish. Our browser-based ordering system enables you to build your ID Cards online, load data files, edit and proof each card, archive and control the ordering process, including real-time tracking of each order.
We understand the sensitive nature and unique requirements of delivering accurate, and timely compliance-driven documents. O’Neil is highly experienced and incorporates the latest technology to produce millions of mandated and compliance related letters, bills and statements. As experts in processing, composing, producing, mailing and archiving hundreds of versions of mandated letters, O’Neil delivers material that is accurate and on time. With O’Neil’s new digital color technology, we can now include high-quality digital color to the document at near black and white pricing, to enhance and bring to attention important information. It has been proven that color reduces call-center time because the recipient can find the information they need without calling a customer service center.
O’NEIL’s expertise in marketing communications allows our clients the ability to communicate relevant information to members in full, glossy color. These Newsletters can be populated with intelligent graphics and personalized for each individual member, strengthening the bond between the member and client organization.
Summary of Benefits
O’Neil is an expert in producing and publishing compliance documents and we have a methodology to take care of every step of the production workflow. The Summary of Benefits can be personalized and delivered, electronically or paper-based and electronically archived for 10 years.

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